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    Three lifestyle choices that could stop you achieving the perfect beard

    Three lifestyle choices that could stop you achieving the perfect beard

    There’s something so alluring about having a beard. This is, of course, why so many men set out to grow one. Unfortunately, it takes more than just good intentions to achieve perfect facial hair. Yes, the right grooming products will help massively – but sometimes it can be an uphill battle. This is certainly true if you follow certain lifestyle choices. Let’s take a look at three habits that you might want to get out of if you’re keen to grow the beard you’ve always wanted.


    Smoking can stunt your growth. As a fully grown man, you might think that this doesn’t apply to you, but in actual fact, it can impact on the speed at which you can grow your beard. This happens because smoking can drastically reduce blood circulation, in the process slowing down the rate at which you can produce hair. Unless you want to play a long waiting game then you might have to give up the cigarettes once and for all.


    Your beard won’t thank you if you drink too much alcohol. This is because booze leads to dehydration, which can then reduce the rate at which your facial hair can grow. In addition, excess alcohol can hinder your body’s zinc levels, meaning you’ll be stripping your beard of the nutrients it needs to look full and healthy. You don’t have to give up drinking altogether, but it’s in your interest not to overindulge if you want to achieve the perfect beard.


    Trips to the gym or morning runs won’t just keep you fit and healthy. Instead, they’ll put you on the path to a glorious beard! When you’re regularly getting enough exercise the serotonin levels in your body increase. This won’t only ensure you are happy and in a better state to be active, but will also accelerate the rate at which you can grow your beard.

    Make the change

    Your desired beard could be in your future if you’re following the right lifestyle. Once it’s growing and looking great, be sure to invest in the best grooming products to keep it looking in the best condition possible. Be sure to check out our site for these products.

    Removing the misconceptions about using hair wax

    Removing the misconceptions about using hair wax

    Men started using hair wax in the early 20th century. Now – a century later – it could still be considered a must-have product to have as part of your grooming routine. The problem is that wax has become shrouded in misconceptions – many of which stem from people who have never even used it! It seems only fair that some of these untruths are put to bed so that you can make an informed decision over whether hair wax should be incorporated into your grooming routine. Here’s what you really need to know.

    Hair wax ISN’T heavy

    Yes, traditionally, hair wax was quite a heavy substance. This, however, just isn’t the case anymore. The newer products are designed to be considerably lightweight, meaning that they won’t weigh down your hair and leave it looking flat. This should mean that you’re able to accomplish even the most ambitious modern hairstyles, including the pompadour.

    Hair wax ISN’T stiff

    There’s an assumption that hair wax will firm up once it’s applied to a person’s hair, in the process leaving their follicles feeling stiff and rigid. While it’s true that the substance is firm and meant to offer support, it won’t lock you into the same hairstyle for the entire day. You’ll be able to play with and re-style your hair with ease when it’s got wax in, so there’s always an element of freedom.

    Hair wax ISN’T obvious

    We’ve all seen those films where people have seemingly overloaded on wax and subsequently been left sporting a greased-up look. Thankfully, this isn’t something that you’ll experience. You can actually use the product in abundance without causing oversaturation, though you should find you often need just a small amount. It’s certainly safer to use than products like gel, which can give the appearance of being overloaded.

    Is wax for you?

    The only thing separating you from your perfect hairstyle could be hair wax. Therefore, why not give it a go and see whether it’s for you? Now you’re in the know about what’s true and what’s not, be sure to check out the grooming products available to buy from our site.

    What causes the dark circles under your eyes?

    What causes the dark circles under your eyes?

    It can feel like those dark circles under your eyes are staring you right in the face when you look in the mirror. This can be extremely deflating, especially on those days when they look bigger and bolder than usual. While it’s sometimes difficult to know when they’ll strike, it’s possible – and helpful – to understand just why they occur. Therefore, as you look to incorporate a premium eye care product into your grooming routine, let’s take a look at four possible causes of those dark circles under your eyes.


    A lack of sleep or rest can be a major factor that leads to dark circles appearing beneath your eyes. This primarily happens because sleep deprivation can cause your skin to become pale, in the process allowing the blood vessels underneath your skin to show through. This won’t just happen if you’re routinely falling short of getting enough shuteye, but is actually likely to occur whenever you are tired or have had a restless night.


    If you spend too much time staring at your phone, television or laptop screen then it can cause your eyes to become strained. This won’t just be an unpleasant sensation to have to deal with, but also one that can bring on more prominent dark circles. Once again it’s to do with the blood vessels under your skin, which naturally enlarge when the eyes have become strained.


    You should already know that it’s in your interest to stay hydrated if you want to stay fresh and alert during the day. What you might not know is that there’s another great reason to avoid becoming dehydrated: dark circles. Yes, dehydration – even just a small degree – can cause your dark circles to appear to grow in size and look bolder.

    What’s the solution?

    It’s true that some lifestyle changes might help reduce the likelihood of having dark circles, but it’s always better to get hold of the grooming products that will tackle them when they arise. If you’re looking for the right product – or are simply interested in similar grooming tips – be sure to check out our site.

    It’s never too early to use anti-ageing grooming products

    It’s never too early to use anti-ageing grooming products

    The signs of ageing can take you by surprise. You might be under the impression that you’re still a good few years off experiencing any of these first-hand. But even if you’re right, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t already be considering investing in anti-ageing grooming products soon. The ageing process generally begins in the 20s when the skin becomes more susceptible to damage from oxidative stressors. The process is then accelerated in your 30s and every other subsequent decade of your life. Let’s look at three reasons why it’s never too early to incorporate anti-ageing products into your grooming routine.


    Anti-ageing products have amazing preventative qualities. Rather than solely reversing the signs of ageing, they are formulated to delay the rate at which it happens. You will be taking preventive action by using these targetted products, meaning you’re pushing the development of deepset wrinkles into the distant future rather than the looming present.


    Do you know that stress is actually a major cause of ageing? This is ironic because most people become stressed about the prospect of ageing – in the process accelerating the rate at which it happens. But you should feel less anxious about it if you’ve bulked up your grooming routine with the best anti-ageing products. Just the notion that you’re in the driving seat should alleviate some of the worry. Plus, taking the time out to practice some self-care is very therapeutic after a long day.

    Added goodness

    Don’t forget that anti-ageing products can infuse your skin with other goodness and nutrients that don’t just fight off the signs of ageing, but have more far-reaching benefits. The unique components found in anti-ageing products are often designed to hydrate your skin and improve cell health and regeneration, which can ultimately reduce the likelihood of developing spots, blotches and dry, uneven skin.

    Start a new anti-ageing grooming routine today

    We offer a wide range of grooming products designed to fight the common signs of ageing – including moisturiser and serum. If you’re ready to step up to the plate and take control of the rate at which your skin ages, then be sure to incorporate some of these products into your grooming routine.

    Considering teeth whitener? Be aware that these three drinks are staining your teeth

    Considering teeth whitener? Be aware that these three drinks are staining your teeth

    We all want to look in the mirror and see some pearly whites staring back at us. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to achieve. Just because you floss, use mouthwash and brush your teeth twice a day doesn’t mean that you’re instantly guaranteed the perfect smile – especially if you’re regularly drinking the wrong beverages. This is something to think about if you’re considering using teeth whitening products and want to make sure that you don’t end up back at square one somewhere down the line. With this in mind, let’s have a look at three drinks that are staining your teeth.

    Tea and coffee

    You might swear by starting your day with a daily caffeine hit. However, this could be the first misstep you make on your journey to a consistently white smile. Tea and coffee contain ingredients called tannins, which can make colour compounds stick to the surface of the teeth. This isn’t immediately noticeable, but over time you might come to detect a yellow tint to your gnashers – and it’s all down to your daily brew. If you’re already beyond this point then a reliable teeth whitener should be a necessity in your future.

    Red wine

    Red wine is generally the healthiest colour of wine you can enjoy, but whether it’s something you drink often will depend on much you value a killer smile. This is because red wine is highly acidic, in the process making it strip your teeth of the enamel that gives them a white and healthy shade. The liquid also clings to the plaque in your mouth, giving it a more off-colour appearance. Of course, if you’re concerned about plaque in the first place then you need to have your eye on a premier toothpaste.


    Cola contains high levels of chromogens, which means it’s very acidic. This makes your teeth susceptible to damage and discolouring. Obviously cola – much like tea, coffee and wine – is a dark colour. It’s these dark compounds which can cause your teeth to lose their whiteness. Luckily, you can restore the whiteness with a teeth whitener before making a point to steer clear of cola in future.

    Seize your perfect smile!

    The grooming products you need to obtain a gleaming smile can be found by visiting our site. You’ll also find other blogs full of tips to make sure you’re firing on all cylinders with your appearance.